Conquering the blank page

Conquering the blank page


Conquering the blank page

Five strategies to unblock writer’s block

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We’ve all been there: staring at a blinking cursor, the pressure building, the memory of the second hand ticking away on a clock (because no one actually uses wind-up clocks anymore, right?), and the dreaded writer’s block stays firmly in place.

Fear not, fellow wordsmiths! Here are five simple strategies to help you get those words flowing freely:

Dive into the deep end:

Read, read, read!

Sometimes, the best way to ignite your creative spark is to immerse yourself in inspiration. Explore your topic through research articles, news stories, or even a well-written blog post. Let the ideas of others paint the canvas for your own masterpiece.

Master the list-ocracy:

Word association

Forget the pressure of crafting entire paragraphs right off the bat. Instead, jot down keywords, phrases, or even single words related to your theme. I personally love to keep a good thesaurus on hand! Once you have a list, connect the dots, flesh out the ideas, and watch your story unfold organically.

Speak your Truth:

Talk out loud

Ever notice how the moment you ask for tech help, your computer miraculously starts working again? This phenomenon extends to writer’s block, too! Talk to a friend, a family member, or even your pet about your writing woes. Often, just verbalizing your ideas can trigger a chain reaction of inspiration.

Step away:

Fresh air and fresh ideas

Sometimes forcing it only makes things worse. If you’re feeling stuck, give yourself a physical and mental break. Go for a walk, listen to music, or do something completely unrelated. Returning to your writing with fresh eyes can clear the brain fog and bring a renewed perspective.

Embrace the Power of AI:

Chat it up!

Technology is your friend! Tools like ChatGPT and Gemini can be surprisingly helpful in overcoming writer’s block. Enter a prompt, a keyword, or even just a snippet of your idea, and let the AI generate text based on your input. Even if it doesn’t perfectly capture your vision, it can provide a starting point, a springboard to launch you into your own writing flow. Editing is easier than staring at a blank page, so use AI to your advantage!

Writer’s block is a common hurdle, not a sign of failure – we’ve all been there. Experiment with these strategies, find what works best for you, and most importantly, be kind to yourself, and patient. I started this blog two years after I meant to start it…but I finally got into a groove! The best way to get over writer’s block is to give yourself grace and your words will come again.

Shedding the bottom-line mentality

Shedding the bottom-line mentality


Shedding the bottom-line mentality

Out with profit-obsessed; In with purpose-driven

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For many businesses, for many years, the bottom-line has reigned supreme. Every decision, every action, has been tethered to the pursuit of profit. Axiom of Purpose is built on the belief that there is another way. That success can be measured not just by dollars and cents, but by the positive impact we create and the lives we change for the better.

We are on a mission to build a coalition of believers. People who believe we can shed the bottom-line mentality and embrace a more holistic approach to business and government. We are shifting the focus from profit to purpose, from scarcity to abundance, from fear to fulfillment.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Impact is the new black

Move beyond “does it make money?” to “does it further our purpose?” Let purpose be your guiding star, driving decisions that create positive change for your community, customers, and the world. We shed the bottom-line mentality when asking about purpose is the first question and primary decision driver.

2. Profit is not a master

Ditch the industry standards for profit margins. They’re benchmarks, not bibles. Define what “success” means for you and set your financial standard accordingly. Covering your expenses is important. Cash flow is important. Taking care of your people is important. Is having a specific percentage on top of all that really as important? What is that percentage? Decide what is comfortable for you and don’t worry about what some book, some expert or some spreadsheet says is the ideal margin.

3. Equitable pricing for equitable outcomes

Reimagine your pricing model. Could you offer tiered pricing based on the budget of those you most want to serve? This makes your offering accessible while ensuring sustainability. Is the market pricing out an audience segment? How can you serve them at a price point that makes sense for them and you and fill in a service gap? For example, small business start-ups don’t often get accounting help until they are in a better position financially. However, then it costs more because their books are a mess. If you are an accountant, can you set up a scalable system for a small business to take advantage of and offer it at a price point that solopreneurs can afford?

4. Measure beyond the bottom line

Profit matters, but it’s not the whole story. Are you creating impactful work? Are you making a positive difference? Are you proud of what you do? These, too, are metrics of success. You have the power to create your own metrics and decide what success means to you. Maybe it’s employee well-being, community engagement, client relationships, social impact outcomes or environmental sustainability goals. Build your spreadsheets and dashboards to include these metrics and look at them together.

5. Value what matters most

What truly matters to you? What values do you want your business to embody? Communicate these values clearly to your staff and create a work environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. I once read that if you are living your values, you do not need them all over your walls. Everyone will already know them because you embody them in your actions everyday. That has always stayed with me.

6. Fear not, abundance awaits

Allow purpose and mission to guide your decisions rather than fear. We often let fear-based decision-making drive us away from opportunities. Fear of scarcity, failure, or judgment can hold us back. Instead, approach decision-making with a mindset of abundance; trust that there’s enough success and opportunity for everyone. Faith in our purpose and our future are the antidote to fear.

Shedding the “bottom-line mentality” isn’t about ignoring financial responsibility or throwing away profit. It’s about creating a new business model rooted in purpose and shared well-being. It means we are expanding our definition of success, prioritizing purpose over profit, and building businesses that leave a positive legacy in the world. It’s about cultivating abundance, not just in our bank accounts, but in the lives we touch and the impact we create.

Bright cloud brainstorming

Bright cloud brainstorming


Bright cloud brainstorming

Spark innovation through fun, freedom, and fresh faces

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As a kid, I hated the word brainstorming. I’ve always been a visual person (read: overactive imagination!) and it conjured up images in my head of gray brains as storm clouds with pouring rain, blowing wind, and electrifying bolts of lightning… not a place I wanted to be! I’ve since learned to put my overactive imagination to good use and now, brainstorming sessions are my absolute favorite part of working in this industry.

Great brainstorming sessions skip the awkward silences and are more like sunny days with bright fluffy clouds that usually leave us with more ideas than we know what to do with!

Here’s our secret to keeping the sun shining:


Unleash the inner jester

Laughter is the rocket fuel of innovation. Crack jokes, share silly stories, and let the ridiculous flow. The sillier, the whackier, the more outrageous the ideas, the closer you might be to a game-changer.


Ditch the map, embrace the jungle

Forget rigid agendas and stifling formulas. Let your brainstorming be a wild exploration, a meandering journey through the uncharted territory of possibilities. Embrace the unexpected turns and side paths – they might just lead to hidden treasures.


No kings, no pawns, just equal brains

Leave titles and hierarchies at the door. Everyone’s voice matters here, from the seasoned veteran to the fresh-faced intern. A safe space fosters brave ideas. Let everyone know their thoughts are valued, no matter how outlandish.


Think outside the usual suspects

Don’t just invite the same old faces to the party. Expand your circle! Bring in folks from different departments, backgrounds, and experiences. The more diverse the participants and perspectives, the more explosive the brainstorming dynamite will be.

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Go beyond the horizon, embrace the tangent

Don’t be afraid to get lost in the weeds! Those seemingly irrelevant rabbit holes might just be the secret tunnels leading to the next big thing. Encourage wild leaps and unexpected connections. You never know what sparks might ignite the next breakthrough.

So ditch the gray and embrace the bright! With a little fun, freedom, and fresh faces invited to your table, your next brainstorming session might make you laugh until you cry. We’d love to join you!

Our recipe for creativity

Our recipe for creativity


Our recipe for creativity

Time, trust, support, information, and a dash of inquiry

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In our fast-paced world, where deadlines loom and pressure mounts, creativity often gets relegated to the back burner. But what if we told you that unlocking the full potential of your team lies in nurturing a different kind of environment – one where imagination can simmer and ideas can blossom? Our standard process is called the DREAM plan – an acronym for Discover, Roadmap, Explore, Action, Measure. And our creative phase is called explore for a reason! It takes time to map out unchartered territory and you want time to fully explore your creative options.

Here are our essential ingredients for fostering creativity:


The slow brew of inspiration

Just like a perfect cup of coffee, great ideas need time to develop. Forget the instant gratification culture and carve out dedicated space for creative thinking in your schedule. Encourage brainstorming sessions, off-site retreats, or even just unstructured blocks of “think time.” Deadlines shouldn’t be chains that bind, but guideposts along a journey of exploration.


The fuel for risk-taking

Creativity thrives in an atmosphere of trust and psychological safety. When people feel confident that their ideas won’t be met with judgment or negativity, they’re more likely to take risks, experiment, and push boundaries. This means embracing mistakes as stepping stones, not failures, and celebrating the journey, not just the destination.


The backbone of innovation

Think of your team as a well-oiled machine, and support as the WD-40 that keeps it running smoothly. Provide the resources they need – from access to information to professional development opportunities – and let them know you’re there to back them up. Be a coach and a cheerleader, a captain and a deckhand.


The power to empower

Knowledge is the fuel for imagination. Make sure your team has access to all the relevant data, research, and industry trends. Foster an environment of open, honest and direct communication, where information is shared without hesitation, and secrets are not a concern. The more informed your team, the more empowered they’ll be to think creatively and solve problems.


The secret ingredient

Taking the time to ask a simple question can change everything. Ask your team what they need, what they’re struggling with, and what would help them unlock their creative potential. Listen actively and respond genuinely – trust that every creative knows what works best for them.

By incorporating these five key ingredients into your workplace, you can create an environment where creativity isn’t just a random spark, but a sustained flame. So, ditch the pressure cooker and embrace the slow simmer. You might just be surprised by the delicious ideas that emerge.

Bonus Tip

Don’t forget the importance of environment! Inject your workspace with a touch of whimsy – colorful walls, comfy furniture, and even a dedicated “creativity corner” can go a long way in sparking inspiration. We have a brainstorming box with cool pieces that we find on our various travels – brochures with cool paper, art we love, interesting little games, weird folded pieces, you name it. Anything that we want to save and pull out for a new brainstorming session.

Fostering creativity is a continuous process, not a one-time event. Keep experimenting, keep listening, and keep believing in the power of your team’s imagination. The world is waiting for your next masterpiece!

Aligning with your purpose

Aligning with your purpose


Aligning with your purpose

A roadmap to living your values

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In today’s post-pandemic world, the pursuit of profit alone feels hollow. Consumers and employees alike crave something deeper, a connection to something meaningful, a brand that stands for more than just a bottom line. This is where purpose comes in, transforming the businesses of yesteryear into forces for positive change. But how do you translate that noble intention into reality? How do you fully align with your purpose and make it the beating heart of everything you do?


Build your budget on values

Purpose starts with commitment, not cash. Allocate resources in your budget to make sure you don’t have to abandon your purpose to cover your expenses. Remember, these investments aren’t just expenses; they’re expressions of your core values in action. They reinforce your brand and your credibility with your team and your customers, and will pay dividends in the long run.


Cultivate a place of purpose

Your purpose shouldn’t be a slogan plastered on the wall; it should be woven into the fabric of your company culture. Make sure your staff understands and believes in your mission. Encourage regular discussions about your purpose, its impact, and how it guides daily decisions. Let passion, not just paychecks, be the driving force for motivation. Involve your team in defining your purpose, setting goals, and measuring progress. When everyone feels ownership and sees their contributions making a difference, the power of collective purpose becomes truly transformative.


Blast your purpose visually and verbally

Your brand is your visual voice, your interactions, your service mentality; all of these should echo your purpose at every touchpoint. From your logo and website to your marketing materials and social media presence, to your customer service and employee engagement efforts – ensure your core identity reflects your commitment to making a difference. Consistency builds trust and inspires others to join your journey.


Make your voice heard

Don’t be shy about your purpose! Publicly declare your commitment to your cause, share your progress and impact stories, and engage in open dialogue with your audience. Craft clear and concise messaging that articulates your purpose in a way that resonates with people who believe in the work you do.


Find your purpose partners

Your purpose journey isn’t a solo trek. Seek out customers, partners, and collaborators who share your values and vision. Target like-minded individuals and other companies and vendors who want to build a better world alongside you. This creates a powerful ecosystem of change, amplifying your impact and enriching your mission.

Aligning with your purpose isn’t a one-and-done deal; it’s a continuous process. But by nurturing it with these essential elements, you can transform your business from a profit-driven machine into a beacon of positive change, attracting the right people, inspiring action, and leaving a lasting legacy.

We hope you embrace the journey. The world needs us all working together to make positive change.
We’d love to help you find alignment if you need support.