Our recipe for creativity

Our recipe for creativity


Our recipe for creativity

Time, trust, support, information, and a dash of inquiry

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In our fast-paced world, where deadlines loom and pressure mounts, creativity often gets relegated to the back burner. But what if we told you that unlocking the full potential of your team lies in nurturing a different kind of environment – one where imagination can simmer and ideas can blossom? Our standard process is called the DREAM plan – an acronym for Discover, Roadmap, Explore, Action, Measure. And our creative phase is called explore for a reason! It takes time to map out unchartered territory and you want time to fully explore your creative options.

Here are our essential ingredients for fostering creativity:


The slow brew of inspiration

Just like a perfect cup of coffee, great ideas need time to develop. Forget the instant gratification culture and carve out dedicated space for creative thinking in your schedule. Encourage brainstorming sessions, off-site retreats, or even just unstructured blocks of “think time.” Deadlines shouldn’t be chains that bind, but guideposts along a journey of exploration.


The fuel for risk-taking

Creativity thrives in an atmosphere of trust and psychological safety. When people feel confident that their ideas won’t be met with judgment or negativity, they’re more likely to take risks, experiment, and push boundaries. This means embracing mistakes as stepping stones, not failures, and celebrating the journey, not just the destination.


The backbone of innovation

Think of your team as a well-oiled machine, and support as the WD-40 that keeps it running smoothly. Provide the resources they need – from access to information to professional development opportunities – and let them know you’re there to back them up. Be a coach and a cheerleader, a captain and a deckhand.


The power to empower

Knowledge is the fuel for imagination. Make sure your team has access to all the relevant data, research, and industry trends. Foster an environment of open, honest and direct communication, where information is shared without hesitation, and secrets are not a concern. The more informed your team, the more empowered they’ll be to think creatively and solve problems.


The secret ingredient

Taking the time to ask a simple question can change everything. Ask your team what they need, what they’re struggling with, and what would help them unlock their creative potential. Listen actively and respond genuinely – trust that every creative knows what works best for them.

By incorporating these five key ingredients into your workplace, you can create an environment where creativity isn’t just a random spark, but a sustained flame. So, ditch the pressure cooker and embrace the slow simmer. You might just be surprised by the delicious ideas that emerge.

Bonus Tip

Don’t forget the importance of environment! Inject your workspace with a touch of whimsy – colorful walls, comfy furniture, and even a dedicated “creativity corner” can go a long way in sparking inspiration. We have a brainstorming box with cool pieces that we find on our various travels – brochures with cool paper, art we love, interesting little games, weird folded pieces, you name it. Anything that we want to save and pull out for a new brainstorming session.

Fostering creativity is a continuous process, not a one-time event. Keep experimenting, keep listening, and keep believing in the power of your team’s imagination. The world is waiting for your next masterpiece!