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by | May 28, 2024

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As a kid, I hated the word brainstorming. I’ve always been a visual person (read: overactive imagination!) and it conjured up images in my head of gray brains as storm clouds with pouring rain, blowing wind, and electrifying bolts of lightning… not a place I wanted to be! I’ve since learned to put my overactive imagination to good use and now, brainstorming sessions are my absolute favorite part of working in this industry.

Great brainstorming sessions skip the awkward silences and are more like sunny days with bright fluffy clouds that usually leave us with more ideas than we know what to do with!

Here’s our secret to keeping the sun shining:


Unleash the inner jester

Laughter is the rocket fuel of innovation. Crack jokes, share silly stories, and let the ridiculous flow. The sillier, the whackier, the more outrageous the ideas, the closer you might be to a game-changer.


Ditch the map, embrace the jungle

Forget rigid agendas and stifling formulas. Let your brainstorming be a wild exploration, a meandering journey through the uncharted territory of possibilities. Embrace the unexpected turns and side paths – they might just lead to hidden treasures.


No kings, no pawns, just equal brains

Leave titles and hierarchies at the door. Everyone’s voice matters here, from the seasoned veteran to the fresh-faced intern. A safe space fosters brave ideas. Let everyone know their thoughts are valued, no matter how outlandish.


Think outside the usual suspects

Don’t just invite the same old faces to the party. Expand your circle! Bring in folks from different departments, backgrounds, and experiences. The more diverse the participants and perspectives, the more explosive the brainstorming dynamite will be.

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Go beyond the horizon, embrace the tangent

Don’t be afraid to get lost in the weeds! Those seemingly irrelevant rabbit holes might just be the secret tunnels leading to the next big thing. Encourage wild leaps and unexpected connections. You never know what sparks might ignite the next breakthrough.

So ditch the gray and embrace the bright! With a little fun, freedom, and fresh faces invited to your table, your next brainstorming session might make you laugh until you cry. We’d love to join you!